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These notes are found on Aeramas's desk, along with a bull figurine.

Journal entry Edit

The vision stabilized and, lo and behold, I saw as if through a moonlit haze the Four Princes, each clad in armor and astride a horse. The first rode a steed the color of fog, the second of sulfur, the third black as athe abyss, and the fourth — a pony.
And then I beheld a fountain, a clear spring, but the Princes did not drink of it, for it was forbidden.
And the a Bird of Paradise, shining in ruby and gold, flew above them and alit upon the branch of a tree. And the tree had arms numbering a thousand and forty.
"Draw from the source," said the Bird, but they pointed to the Sun's bloody tears and did not draw.
And then a pure Virgin appeared with bared breast, exposing her modest bosoms, ruddy and firm like ripe linden berries.
Then my nose became accustomed to the aroma and the vision passed.
Tomorrow I shall try to unseal that well-aged sample from Genno Myvort. It is said to have a refined, deep scent with slightly nutty aftertastes. Well. We shall see.

Associated quest Edit

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