Aen N'og Mab Taedh'morc is a document in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It can be looted from a cage in the Hindhold tower.

Journal entry Edit

(book is burned, only a few pages still intact)
Yviss, m'evelienn vente caelm en tell
Elaine Ettariel
Aep cor me lode deith ess'viell
Yn blath que me darienn
Aen minne vain tegen a me
Yn toin av muireann que dis eveigh e aep llea...
L'eassan Lamm faeinne renn, ess'ell,
Elaine Ettariel,
Aep cor aen tedd teviel e gwen
Yn blath que me darienn
Ess yn e evellien a me
Que shaent te cáelm a'vean minne me striscea...

Trivia Edit