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Adrien de Rouleau, better known by his nom de plume Le Papillon, is a talented Toussaintian composer and bard who is very popular at the court of Beauclair. So popular that Duchess Anna Henrietta hired him as a trumpeter, and overall herald for the knights' tournament.

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntEdit

Blood and Wine expansionEdit

Le Papillon is encountered when Geralt first arrives at the Tourney Grounds. The musician heralds the fight that takes place between Guillaume de Launfal and a shaelmaar gifted by the Emperor of Nilfgaard. Le Papillon quickly switches the focus of his rhymes onto Geralt and Palmerin de Launfal when they intervene to assist Guillaume after the fight goes awry.

"Alas! Poor knightling! The beast heaved its foul girth,
Let loose a roar and knocked him to earth!
Then down came the witcher in one mighty bound, to give fight to the beast, its plans confound!
The fate of the beast has been weighed by the gods! Soon the witcher shall triumph, against all odds!

The witcher waited, till the time was true, then twirled, danced and spun - struck the monster right through!

Out, out, brief flame! And thus the witcher's life was snuffed. All our hopes, alas, had turned to dust.

Like a beau who leaves after love's first spurt, so the witcher wooed the shaelmaar, then its foul heart hurt!
Dodge, dive, flee, feint! His razor strikes belly! Shaelmaar's cries ring aloud, blood transforms into jelly!
—Le Papillon during the shaelmaar fight

Once the shaelmaar is defeated, if Geralt spares it, Le Papillon proclaims Geralt "the Merciful" and tells the pikemen to tend to the slain beast. Otherwise, the bard simply praises the victors.

Le Papillon continues to herald major events of the tournament, such as the horse race, the mass melee, and the final melee against the reigning champion Gregoire de Gorgon.

Associated quests Edit

Notes Edit

  • Le Papillon is an admirer of Dandelion's ballads, particularly those about Geralt and Yennefer.
  • After the quest 'Of Sheers and a Witcher I Sing', he can be found singing his new song just north of the Cianfanelli Bank.

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