Adda of Temeria was the daughter of King Medell and Queen Sancia, making her princess of Temeria as well as Foltest's sister, who became king after their father's death.

Adda and her brother had an incestuous relationship that resulted in a pregnancy. This child was cursed (presumably either by Ostrit, who fell in love with Adda, or by their mother, who was furious about the incestuous union between her son and daughter) and both mother and child died just after the birth. Foltest ordered that the two be buried in the Royal vault beneath his castle in Vizima.

Seven years later, their daughter came back to life - but as a striga. The curse was eventually lifted by the witcher Geralt of Rivia, and the young princess was named Adda, after her mother.[1]

The Witcher Edit

The game suggests that it was Ostrit and not their mother who cast the curse, as evidence by his journal.

In the graphic novels Edit

She did not appear in person, but Foltest speaks to her portrait at the start of Polish comics Geralt illustrated by Boguslaw Polch. She is also shown with first issue of The Witcher: Curse of Crows when Geralt retells Ciri the backstory of his first striga contract.

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