Disambig-icon.png This article is about Nazairian duke. For other persons with the same name, see Adam.
Duke Adam of Nazair was a monarch of Nazair, the land to the south of Cintra and west of Toussaint, who attempted to regulate the flow of the Sansretour River to his likeness during reign. Even though it likely was not his intention, it caused the olive groves of the de la Croix family to be devoured by a plague of armored scale insects at eastern neighbor.[1]

And that wasn't all. Water flooded a great number of villages, private estates and even Arthach, an elven summer palace. These experiments were what gave the Sansretour Marsh its current shape and put half of Crane Isle permanently underwater. They also created an unpleasant bog to the north of Beauclair where none can tread in true safety.[2]

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