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Adalbert is a secondary character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. He is a Nilfgaardian mage that alongside Cynthia is involved in the quest The Secrets of Loc Muinne during Chapter III, on Iorveth's Path.

Journal EntryEdit

Adalbert was a member of the scientific expedition that had set out to explore the caverns beneath Loc Muinne. The man stood out as unpleasant even among sorcerers. One could say that Geralt disliked him from the start - and the feeling was very much mutual.
When Abalbert and Cynthia departed with the artifact they had found in Dearhenna's laborator, Geralt breathed a sigh of relief. He had his fill of the haughty, malicious Nilfgaardian.
Adalbert had had it coming since the start. As the explorers penetrated the underground corridors, he was ever haughty, offering caustic remarks and never really being useful. Once the expedition discovered Dearhenna's laboratory, Adalbert sought to prevent Geralt from getting his part of the loot. Heated words turned to violent deeds, and Geralt gladly killed the mage.

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