Abner de Navarette was an aristocratic auctioneer at the Borsodi Brothers' Auction House. He had nobleman's features, attitude, and manners. For extravagance and debauchery, he was disinherited and excluded from the house.


Early life Edit

Abner was born to Navarette family from somewhere around Novigrad, becoming inherently an aristocrat and a wealthy nobleman. Later on, however, due to his drunkenness, profligacy, and debauchery, he was excluded by his family. He would have ended up a beggar, but eventually, he was employed by the Borsodi family.[1]

Auctioneer for Borsodi Brothers Edit

Because of his noble appearance and manners, he was immediately admitted by rising Maximilian Borsodi and his brother. When coordinating auctions, he wore a black velvet caftan and a gold brocade vest.[1]

By 1270s, he was still an employee of the auction house, at the time under Horst Borsodi, Maximilian's younger son.[2]

References Edit

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