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Abdank was a not so mentally healthy king of Temeria who ruled after Dezmod and before Herman. Time of his rule wasn't easy period - during his "reign" the Six Years War broke out which resulted in the increasing importance of his court sorcerer advisor Raffard the White, who decide to not crown him self, but in fact he was ruler. Name is revealed only in Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni in saga he is only mentioned as King Moron (Polish: Król debil)

Wiedźmin: Gra WyobraźniEdit

Abdank, who ruled for some time after the killing of Raffard during formation of Brotherhood of Sorcerers, died without a male heir. This resulted in a long though intermittent war of succession between his relatives - dukes of Maribor and Ellander and other participants. These series of conflicts went down in history as the War of Daggers.

Temerian monarchs
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