Abandoned Sawmill is one of the secondary quests available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

Southwest of the Gedyneith and northeast of Blandare, Geralt encountered an abandoned sawmill in Ard Skellig. Wondering why the sawmill was abandoned, the witcher investigated using his witcher senses. He found a Lumberjack's letter to his wife, the Sawmill owner's notes, a Letter from a druid, and the bones of what must be the remains of the lumberjacks. The notes and letters tell of the sawmill's haunting at night and that the sawmill owner thinks that it was the druids that were damaging their mill. The druids replied that they take no responsibility over actions taken against their sawmill and warned them to halt their woodcutting for their sake and the forest. After finding the remains of the lumberjacks, a leshen will approach and attack Geralt showing the real perpetrator of the abandoned sawmill's haunting. The quest ends as Geralt strikes the leshen down.

Journal entry Edit

In a certain forest Geralt found himself looking at a clearly abandoned sawmill enveloped in thick undergrowth. He decided to investigate.
Curiosity once again dragged the witcher into trouble. Entering the sawmill provoked the leshen who had killed the woodcutters who had once worked here. Geralt had no choice but to fight the monster.

Objectives Edit

  • Search the abandoned sawmill using your Witcher Senses. 4/4
  • Kill the leshen.