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CharDev Aard

The Aard attribute governs the use of the sign. There are five basic levels, each with a selection of attributes, and five levels of special attack (Student, Apprentice, Specialist, Expert, and Master). The full Aard attribute tree can be found here or by clicking on the tree icon to the right.

Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5

Talent bronze Level One Edit

CharDev Aard 1
Aard (level 1)
CharDev Aard 1 1
  • Provides chance of causing Stun
CharDev Aard student
  • Angle 180°
  • Causes Knockdown
  • Right-click and hold to powerup Sign

Talent bronze Level Two Edit

CharDev Aard 2
Aard (level 2)
CharDev Aard 2 1
CharDev Aard 2 2
CharDev Aard apprentice

Talent silver Level Three Edit

CharDev Aard 3
Aard (level 3)
CharDev Aard 3 1
Blasting Fist
CharDev Aard 3 2
CharDev Aard specialist

Talent silver Level Four Edit

CharDev Aard 4
Aard (level 4)
CharDev Aard 4 1
Extended Duration
CharDev Aard 4 2
Added Efficiency
CharDev Aard expert

Talent gold Level Five Edit

CharDev Aard 5
Aard (level 5)
CharDev Aard 5 1
CharDev Aard master

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