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Aamad is the royal mage at the court of Ofieri king. He is also a very powerful sorcerer and leader of a journey to Oxenfurt in the Northern Realms (Redania). He is the one who wanted Verner (or Ferner or Perner), a former Aedirnian soldier to become an interpreter.

Nothing goes according to plan when he and his soldiers (Annar among them) arrive. It is too late for their prince and so he decides to at least bring his king a regicide Geralt of Rivia. He also imprisoned their guide for failing to bring them to their prince in time. Later a mysterious Man of Glass appears to help the witcher by summoning a storm that leads to an unexpected landing near Novigrad. Because the guide had drowned in the shipwreck, the Ofieri had to cut of his head for easier transportation.

As the party began to drag Geralt for the long journey home, one warrior complained why can't they kill Geralt. Aamad tells him that the witcher still lives and he wishes to see his just punishment in Ofier. However, Geralt regained consciousness and freed himself. Aamad and his warriors attempt to subdue the witcher but Geralt managed to slay them all.

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