A Walk on the Waterfront is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

A certain nobleman asked Geralt for a bit of assistance. He wanted the witcher to accompany him on a stroll through a rather dodgy part of Novigrad. The richman's clothing alone would get him killed in that quarter, so Geralt agreed to help.
The witcher defended the aristocrat from bandits as he indulged in a bit of slumming. Not his most glamorous contract, but neither was it the worse thing he'd ever had to do for coin.

Walkthrough Edit

Geralt can come across a nobleman, Ginter de Lavirac, being harassed by some bandits near the ports in Novigrad's Harborside district. If Geralt intervenes, the nobleman will then ask for Geralt to "take a stroll" with him and protect him as they make their way down the port.

Along the route the pair is attacked by several groups of bandits, with each group seeming to know who the man was, and that he would be coming that way. Geralt questions the man as they travel together, but he reveals little about his intentions, though they are obviously suspect.

Once Geralt accompanies the man to his destination, it is revealed that the man is a fisstech dealer who is meeting his supplier. Depending on Geralt's choices, the witcher can either help Ginter and receive a paltry sum of crowns, or call the deal off, letting the suppliers "deal" with the dealer. Either choice awards the same amount of XP and crowns.

Objectives Edit

  • Escort the nobleman.