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A Sword for Monsters is a quest in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.


During the encounter with the dragon in the Prologue, Geralt unfortunately loses his silver sword.

There are several ways to obtain a silver sword and hence completing the quest:

  1. A Diagram: Witcher's silver sword can be found in a chest right after you jump out of Roche's ship in Flotsam. Take this diagram to any of the craftsman to make the sword. Silver ore can be purchased from merchants or looted from a select few bandits.
  2. A Silver-plated sword can be purchased from Berthold Candeleria.
  3. A Robust witchers' silver sword can be purchased from Mysterious merchant.
  4. A crafting diagram can be found in a chest while sneaking around in "Indecent Proposal"
  5. The Sword of Kaer Morhen, a rare silver sword can be found on a skeleton lying between the two rocky outcrops directly north of the entrance to Iorveth's hideout in the forest outside of Flotsam. Although seeking this sword first would mean making a foray into the woods with a steel sword only, acquiring it is absolutely free. The sword also has very good damage (15-24), possibly making it the second best silver sword in Chapter 1 (Right behind the Superb Witchers' Silver Sword.) [Need confirmation that this sword can actually be reached prior to the relevant quest]

Notes Edit

If you have imported a save file from the original game, then you may already have another silver sword received as starting equipment and this quest will be completed as soon as it begins.

Journal EntryEdit

A witcher stripped of his monster-fighting sword is like a dwarf without a beard. Geralt's silver blade had flown off with the dragon just after their memorable encounter on the walls of La Valette Castle, so our hero needed a new one. The best though certainly not the only way to acquire one was to have it forged by the dwarf blacksmith who had a workshop in Flotsam's nonhuman district.
With the silver sword in hand at last, Geralt's job became incomparably easier. Finally equipped like a witcher should be, our hero took to solving his own and other's problems with renewed energy.

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