A Surprise Inheritance is a treasure hunt available in the Hearts of Stone expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


The quest is started by reading Knut Kreutzman's notes, which can be found at the abandoned site north of Heddel.

The location of the treasure is northeast of where you found the notes (where the balista is pointing towards). An archgriffin guards the area. Once it's safe, a hatch in the floor at the ruins leads Geralt to the chest. Aditionally Geralt may find a Letter to brother-in-law at the griffin's nest on top, although this is not required for finding the loot.

Journal entry Edit

While searching a body he found in a ravaged campsite, Geralt found a key and a journal. Thinking the latter might shed light on its writer's fate, he slipped it into his bag.
The notes contained information about a fortune hidden in a hut a griffin had roosted in. The coin had belonged to the deceased's aunt, but since neither she nor her nephew had any use for it now, Geralt decided to kill the beast and take it for himself.
Many tuck coin away for a rainy day. Most, however, choose more accessible places for their stash than the cellar. Geralt didn't ponder this choice of hiding places long, however, but instead pocketed the coin and went on his way.

Objectives Edit