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A Princess in Distress is a sub-quest within the Family Matters main questline. Geralt must seek the help of a Pellar (a magical seer) to discover more information about the Baron's family. The Pellar's goat, named Princess, is necessary to perform the ritual but the goat has gone missing. Geralt must track the goat down and return her to her owner.

Journal Entry Edit

Geralt's search for information about the baron's wife and daughter took him to the local pellar. One glance and he knew the man was highly eccentric - an impression only strengthened when the pellar announced he would not divine what had happened to Anna and Tamara until Geralt found Princess, his runaway goat. Having no other choice, Geralt set off on a wild goat chase.
As a knight errant will comb the rugged heart of the wilderness to find the object of his quest, so Geralt searched for Princess the goat in the woods around Blackbough.
In the end, he found the caprine fugitive and, protecting it from manifold dangers along the way, led it back to its delighted owner.  As promised, the pellar would now help Geralt in his search for the baron's missing family.

Walkthrough Edit

Find the Pellar's Goat Edit

The pellar sends Geralt on his way equipped with a lovely bell which apparently Princess is attracted to, so access it now and have a tinkle. Then head into the woodland in a westerly direction, behind the pellar’s house. When Geralt reaches the center of the objective area, use Witcher Senses to track the goat’s recent movements. Using witcher senses should allow Geralt to see/hear the goat when he's nearby. When you see the goat, approach slowly, ringing the bell when you’re within about ten feet or so.


Princess, not royalty

Bring the goat to the Pellar Edit

Princess will follow Geralt for a time until she becomes distracted by something yummy to eat. To stop Princess from stalling while coaxing her to come, pick all the plant life from her location to the pellar’s hut. Focus on raspberries and strawberries; anything that can slow her progress away from danger.

Note: When Princess loses interest in following Geralt you will be given the objective to use the bell to lead the goat to the pellar.

Alternatively, the Axii sign can be used on the goat, and, provided that the sign is re-applied immediately after it wears off each time, Princess will not wander off. This would prevent the encounter with the bear that would otherwise occur. However, this method is rather time-consuming since the goat will move extremely slowly while under the effect of Axii.

Bear run

"Bear! Bear! Run you stupid piece of shit!"

Defend the Goat Edit

Obviously the point here is to defeat the bear in order to save the goat.

Note: you can take out the bear beforehand, thus keeping Princess free from harm.

Bring the goat to the Pellar Edit

With the bear defeated all that is left is some walking and a bit of bell ringing to bring Princess safely home to her master. Speaking to the pellar with Princess nearby will end the quest and return to the Family Matters quest.

Gallery Edit

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