A Miraculous Guide to Gwent is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt added as part of Patch 1.20. It displays the number of gwent cards that may still be won or looted from unique players, or purchased in each of the base game's regions, as well as the number of cards that may still be won from generic merchants or craftsmen anywhere in the base game's world. This book may effectively be used as a counter to gauge progress of the quest Collect 'Em All, but it does not provide specific information about the locations of gwent cards beyond the region in which they can be found.


"The tome you hold in your hands, commissioned by the Most Gracious Duke de Berry, shall make use of magic most arcane to display which gwent cards are currently missing from your collection. You need but open it and repeat in your mind "How 'bout a round of gwent?" and the following shall appear:
Velen: ?
Novigrad: ?
The Skellige Isles: ?
White Orchard: ?
Royal Palace in Vizima: 1
Kaer Morhen: 1
Number of new cards which may still be won from players of no particular renown or skill:: ?


This book may be obtained by winning at gwent against Aldert Geert at any time after arriving at the White Orchard inn, but before completing Lilac and Gooseberries. After the completion of said quest, the book may only be obtained by purchasing it from Aeramas' Shop in the Gildorf district of Novigrad, which region becomes accessible only after completing the first objective of the main story quest The Nilfgaardian Connection.


  • Once the counter of remaining cards for a particular region reaches zero, that line disappears from the book.