A Hallowed Horn is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest may be obtained from a notice board in the Skellige region. Taking the notice Contract: Stolen Horn will initiate the quest. Otherwise, the quest may be obtained by going to the bandit camp in which the horn is held directly.

The relevant bandit camp is located north of Arinbjorn and south of Eldberg Lighthouse, on the middle of the three islands in the chain. Holger Blackhand's horn is located in the camp's main chest, along with a book, Journal of a Thief, Part II. Reading the journal would inform Geralt of the horn's owner, if the camp was stumbled upon accidentally without knowledge of the quest.

Returning the horn to Mathios takes Geralt to Holmstein, a village down the path from Kaer Muire. Mathios is displeased at the fact that Geralt slaughtered all the thieves, claiming that they "weren't evil men".

Journal entry Edit

If happened upon the horn accidentally
While scouring Skellige for reasons more important, Geralt happened to find a horn. Any other man might have shrugged and scoffed - not so the witcher, and not because he occasionally enjoyed a toot. Inside the chest containing the horn, Geralt also found a journal. The witcher read it, hoping to learn something about the individual to whom the horn had belonged.
If obtained from the notice board
Holger Blackhand had stolen a great many priceless goods during his many plunderous raids. Yet none of these foreign trinkets could rival the carved horn passed down to him from his ancestors for his affections. The warriors he had recently banished must have known this - for they took his horn as an act of vengeance against Holger. Holger had let it be known that whoever found his prized possession would receive a hefty reward. Geralt, who could track thieves and stolen goods like no other, decided to investigate.
The witcher managed to retrieve the stolen horn, then returned it to Holger's envoy in Holmstein. Though this warrior was saddened when Geralt told him of the thieves' fate, he paid every copper of the promised reward.

Objectives Edit

  • Track down the thieves and retrieve Holger's horn.
  • Find the stolen horn.
  • Read the journal you found in the chest with the horn. (if the quest was obtained directly from finding the bandit camp)
  • Bring the stolen horn to Mathios.