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Marco Knopf

Like most human cities, Vizima was built on the foundations of an elven city. The seat of the Termerian kings grew over the centuries and today consists of three large districts, a port and sprawling outskirts. In the Temple Quarter, the visitor's attention is drawn to the monumental Cloister of the Order of the Flaming Rose. Saint Lebioda's Hospital, famous for the many miraculous recoveries that have occurred there, is also hard to miss. While admiring these edifices, avoid wandering into the nonhuman district, which has become a den of poverty and the lair of social outcasts. Most nonhumans have been relocated to Old Vizima, which has become a ghetto inaccessible to visitors. Currently the Trade Quarter is developing rapidly. This is hardly surprising as it is home to wealthy merchants as well as trade and political officials. The city's leading bank and the town hall can also be found here. While in Vizima's Trade Quarter be sure to visit the famous marketplace, where traders offer goods from around the world.

A description of Temeria's capital, places of interest to visitors and establishments worth visiting.

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