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A Greedy God is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Geralt is put into the role of a mediator between two peasants and their wrathful deity.

Summary Edit

NB: In order to complete this quest, The Eye of Nehaleni must first be obtained during the quest "Wandering in the Dark".

Somewhat south of Wastrel Manor and near Oreton you'll find a ruin with two peasants within. The peasants explain that they're making an offering to the Allgod, which has been responsible for protecting and blessing them - or so they think. One of the residents had reportedly been out gathering brushwood when a bush caught fire - a miracle as far as he was concerned, and out of nowhere a voice spoke to him demanding offerings and worship.

Geralt, and witchers alike, are not particularly god-fearing, and Geralt offers to mediate on behalf of the peasantry - likely knowing there was some kind of normality and explanation behind this.

Using his witcher sense, Geralt is able to spot an open casket of what he thought was wine - but turns out to be vinegar. Following this scent, Geralt finds an illusion which he dispels using the Eye of Nehaleni, only to reveal a cellar below housing a fat sylvan which was acting as the Allgod and demanding tributes from the peasants - displeased with his offerings he had placed a curse on them.

Journal Entry Edit

In the backwoods of Velen Geralt came across an altar, and next to it - two troubled villagers. When asked the source of their worries, the peasants told Geralt the deity they worshipped - the awe-inspiring Allgod - had rejected the offerings they had brought him. The witcher was not a particularly gods-fearing individual, yet nevertheless promised that he'd intercede for the peasants with their deity.
It turned out the revered Allgod was a run-of-the-mill sylvan, or, as the common folk call these beings, a deovel. The conniving beast had convinced the local peasantry of its divine powers and had grown fat on their offerings for decades.

If Geralt reasons with the Allgod:

Geralt convinced the sylvan demanding outrageously sumptuous offerings in a time of poverty and famine was immoral and unbecoming, even for a false god. The sylvan seemed skeptical at first, but after eyeing the silver sword on Geralt's back he decided he'd best not argue.

If Geralt kills the Allgod:

To Geralt's thinking, while the sylvan had not killed or even injured anyone, it was still a harmful parasite and thus deserved death. The witcher expected the peasants to thank him for freeing them from this horned huckster - but his rational approach to matters of faith met with incomprehension and horror.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk with Preben and Dagmar about their "Allgod" and their offerings.
  • Talk with the Allgod through the statue.
  • Search the area and follow the scent of bad wine.
  • Enter the cellar and talk with the Allgod (25Tw3 icon xp).
  • Geralt either can kill the Allgod or convince him to take also lesser offerings.
  • Geralt can tell Dagmar and Preben about the cellar or just leave them be and go on with their prayer (50Tw3 icon xp).

Videos Edit

Greedy God- Geralt and the 'Devil' Allgod Story13:37

Greedy God- Geralt and the 'Devil' Allgod Story. All 3 Options (Witcher 3 - Sylvan Quest - Velen)