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A Dog's Life is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Basics Edit

On the hilly road just northwest of Drudge, Geralt will come across a lone dog being attacked by wolves. Save the pup and it will want you to follow it. Do so and it will lead you into Drudge where four bandits will attack you.

After defeating them, open the door to the house the bandits were near (right next to the signpost) and look for loose floorboards using your Witcher senses. Pry up the boards and open the chest underneath using the key given to you by the dog after you interact with it.

Journal entry Edit

When Geralt saw a dog which was clearly someone's beloved pet surrounded by a pack of starving wolves, he could not help but interfere and save the poor animal's life. The wolves slain, he petted the dog to calm it and discovered there was a key sewn into its collar.
Geralt followed the dog to its owner's home. Sadly, there was no living soul within it.

Objectives Edit

  • Follow the Dog.
  • Defeat the Bandits.
  • Search the abandoned house using the Witcher Senses.


  • The dog can be killed during the fight with the bandits.
  • The chest contains a diary among other valuables.
  • The friendly dog's name is Barylka, according to the letter found in the abandoned house.

Video Edit

A Dog's Life- Geralt and Barylka (Witcher 3 - Micro-Quest in Velen)04:13

A Dog's Life- Geralt and Barylka (Witcher 3 - Micro-Quest in Velen)