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A Dark Legacy is a treasure hunt quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Summary Edit

Before this quest may be started, you must obtain Count Romilly's figurine during the quest Open Sesame!, by winning it in an auction at the Oxenfurt-based Borsodi Brothers' Auction House.

Once you have the figurine, take it to any craftsman and dismantle it for 34 gold. From this transaction, you will obtain two items: Count Romilly's will and an ornate key. Read the document to learn of a treasure located underneath the ruins of Arnskrone Castle.

Travel to Arnskrone Castle, which is located in Deadwight Wood, northeast of Heddel. If you have not visited this area before, you'll be greeted by a leshen and a pack of wolves. The Igni sign and relict oil should make short work of the leshen. Another treasure hunt quest, The Secret Life of Count Romilly, may also be picked up here, at the hidden treasure marker.

Descend into the dungeon, where you'll come across wraiths. The chest to be looted for the completion of this quest is through the left door and a 180° turn around the corner.

Objectives Edit

  • Read the letter.
  • Search the ruins of Arnskrone Castle.

Journal entry Edit

While at the Borsodis' auction, Geralt bid a not insignificant sum on a strange figurine. Why, you ask? Perhaps it was that famed witcher's intuition, for after dismantling the figurine Geralt found he had also become the owner of a letter and a heavy, ornate key...

The letter, he discovered, was Count Romilly's last will and testament. From it he learned treasure might be hidden in Arnskrone Castle.

Geralt set off to the eerie ruins of Arnskrone Castle, the Romilly family's one-time home, and found a chest full of treasure in its crumbling underground passages.