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My weapons?!?!

So, I just went to Skellige and all I have for weapons are my standard Witcher swords, and two lower level swords I wasn’t using.

I had a really good Silver sword from Novigrad, now the only one I have has inferior damage.

Where did my weapons go?
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Does anyone have photos of Netflix The Witcher's casts

I wish I could get more information about em with their pics
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What is best skill build?
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More Witcher News

So a lot of casting has come out recently, and in my opinion, it’s alright. Freya Allan will play Ciri and I’m sure she’ll do great, but Anya Chalotra as Yen seems a bit young for our Henry Cavill Geralt. All in all, I’m still looking forward to this. What do you guys think?
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Why do i get 1 or 2 xp if i do the contracts or the sidequests ?
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Witcher Netflix News

Some recent leaks say that Renfri will be in the first episode, which means it will most likely show how Geralt got named the Butcher of Blaviken. I think that’s a great way to start it off. What do you guys think?
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Witcher without leveling up

I have been playing red dead redemption and it strikes me how amazing and realistic it is even without the character leveling up . Can a Witcher game pull this off ? A game that focuses on leveling up as progress sometimes loses its beauty . Some enemies are too weak and some too strong . A human enemy can take 5 minute too beat and can kill you with one hit while a low level fiend is too easy . They need to focus on making his superhuman characteristics shown more , like being faster or stronger than average humans . They can use Witcher potions on getting stronger temporary against extremely powerful foes . The armor and weapons have levels which makes no sense . This game will always be my favorite but there’s always improvement . What do you guys think ??
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Share your thoughts on the new gwent standalone game! I think that it looks amazing! I have always been interested in Meve, and the fact that there are 20 diffrent endings with new places we haven't seen yet like Rivia,Lyria, and Mahakam make me very exited
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Gwint game

Does anybody think that somebody at the Witcher studious should make a gwint card game or any Witcher game on mobile. I would definitely play it. Depends how good it is. But I expect that if they could make the Witcher games, they should be able to construct some sort of decent mobile game. Wut do u guys think?
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Would you want to live in the Witcher world?

Would you want to live in the world of the Witcher? Why or why not?
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Blood & Wine DLC- Moral ending?

Which ending do you prefer in the Blood and Wine DLC?

Do you think that it is best to save Syanna and kill Dettlaff? Or to let him kill Syanna and let Dettlaff go?

Though it seems like the “best” ending is the one where Dettlaff dies and Syanna lives, reuniting with her sister, I disagreed. It seemed like Syanna, whether she had justified reasons to do what she did or not (which is also debatable), was the real villain. Dettlaff was just led along, and I always felt bad about killing him.

The better, and most moral ending in my opinion is to let Dettlaff go and let Syanna die. Yes, Anna Henrietta is heartbroken about her sister’s death, and angry at Geralt... But it just feels like the better choice.

And it seems like it would go along with Geralt’s code. He usually hates killing sentient creatures, and finds a better way to settle things than just killing them. And he also believes that “monsters” aren’t just supernatural beings, but can also be people.

Ah, the choices of the Witcher.... What are your thoughts?
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I need help really really fast, I have to go to a fancy dress party soon and I can't find anything witcher themed which is what I've chosen to go as, but can't find anything and have a budget of about £200 and can't wear the typical kaer morhen armour so if anyone knows anything please help me I've searched for hours and hours
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CDPR vs Sapkowski

What do you guys think about Andrzej Sapkowski wanting $16 million from CDPR.
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Season of storms

Can anyone explain the season of storms ending with nimue?
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Favourite Gwent Quotes

In the Witcher 3 there are so many funny, awe
some or otherwise interesting quotes on each characters gwent cards. Let's share some of our favourites. Here are some of mine:

Emhyr: They do not call me the patient. Take care they do not call you the headless.

Vesemir: If you're about to be hanged, ask for water. Anything can happen while they fetch it.

Vernon Roche: A true patriot. And a son of a bitch.

Keira Metz: If I'm to die today, I wish to look smashing for the occasion.

If you have any ones that you particularly like then please share, because there is so many good ones.
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Witcher show

What do you think about Henry cavil being Geralt ?
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Where to start?

I'm a newcommer to the Franchise and think it looks promising. But from books, to tv shows, to short stories, to games? What would you recommend I start with?
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Witcher 2 Mods

Does anyone know where and how to get mods for the Witcher 2?

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Henry cavill as Geralt

So in case some of you guys didn't know Netflix is making a witcher tv show and for those of you guys who do know about it how do you guys feel about Henry cavill being cast as geralt
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